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epos system - PRO

epos system - PRO
epos system - PRO epos system - PRO epos system - PRO epos system - PRO
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Software Details

The Vyrav convenience store software has been developed by a team of software engineers with twenty years of experience in retail solutions.

Their experience shows that a good computer system really increases the profits that your store makes.

  • It helps you to sell goods at the margin that you want, and this alone can add one percent to your gross margins!
  • It helps you to communicate with your major suppliers, obtaining price and product information to keep you up to date.
  • It allows you to set up an effective promotion programme.
  • It helps you to reorder the stock that you need, reducing the cost of holding stock and cutting waste.
  • It identifies products that are not selling well, and your best products, so that you can increase your turnover.
  • It improves the security of your store, identifying areas where you are making losses.
  • It gives your store a modern image with the efficient scanning checkouts that your customers now expect.

Put these benefits together, and almost every industry observer will assert that a good system can increase net profits by at least two percent.

Make it easy
If computer systems are so profitable, why isn’t everybody using one? The answer is that

  • Most existing systems are expensive,
  • Difficult to learn,
  • and require a lot of your valuable time.

This is where our software has major advantages.

  • It runs on basic computer equipment,
  • Is easy to learn,
  • Does not take a lot of time to manage,
  • Does not overload you with unwanted lengthy reports,
  • and it is not expensive.
  • It even has a training mode, so that you can try out features which you haven’t used before, without risk.

Pricing control Back Office Aplication keeps a file of all the bar codes used in your store. It allocates each product to a category (say canned vegetables), and for each category you may define the pricing strategy that you want. Then when you receive new pricing information, electronically from your main supplier, or perhaps from an invoice, the system will suggest a new selling price for you to check, then print a shelf edge label and apply the price on the agreed date. (Obviously you can set up exceptions to the general rules – you wouldn’t expect to make the same margin on baked beans and asparagus spears!) You can also use the system to set up promotions in advance, so that the promotion price only applies to the advertised period of the promotion and you do not have to relabel your stock at the beginning and end.

Suggested orders
The Back office part of the Vyrav Epos keeps sales records for the last thirteen weeks. When you wish to place an order, a report lists the products available from the supplier, showing the pattern of sales (and stock holding if you are recording it), and suggesting an order quantity. You may use this list to check your order. Alternatively, you may use a hand held scanner to walk through the store and select the products that you wish to order.

Stock control
The back Office linked to your tills, records the sale of every item. If you also record the deliveries to your store (which may use electronic delivery notes from your supplier), then you are able to keep a record of the stock of each product. Apart from helping you to calculate more accurate orders, this will improve your security by identifying the losses in each product – a very useful first step to stopping the losses. We recommend that you do this for the key high value lines – cigarettes, tobacco, spirits etc.

There are a wide range of reports available to help you see what is doing well in your business and what needs your attention. Reports include a price book, suggested orders, best and worst sellers, products not sold since a specified date, low margin products, stock reports, stock changes, and stock valuation. All the reports may be displayed on the screen or printed.

The Bundle Details :
  • Vyrav Epos Pro
    (1 X Vyrav till Licence)
    (1 X Vyrav admin Licence)
  • VariPOS 15" Touch System
  • Reciept Printre
  • Orbit Scanner
  • Cashdrawer
  • Product Data ( Pre installed)
  • One of the following 
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Training and Installation :

Vyrav Epos can provide experience
Epos Engineers to attend on-site for
installation and training for vyrav epos

Charges vary depending on location and
job. Please contact us for a quote


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